Whole Presence Soul Retrieval

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Who is this for?

For those ready and committed to spiritual awakening this process is an opportunity for a quantum leap in wholeness.

In Whole Presence session you are actually taught a concise yet simplified journeying technique plus the tools for retrieving 100% of your own energy fragments and reunifying the whole field of Presence.

The fact that you experience doing this for yourself and obtain the skills and tools makes it possible to keep the reunified field clear, intact and vibrationally in harmony with your body.

Having a strong feeling of enthusiasm and knowing that this is right for you will determine your experience with moving powerfully to a new level of Self and allowing your whole Self to be expressed.

What is the process for Whole Presence Soul Retrieval?

The entire process is very flexible and can be adjusted to suit those who work with energy on a visual, kinesthetic or auditory level.

The Whole Presence facilitator’s role is to guide, protect and co-create an experience that is most effective for each individual.

In this way you are fully empowered to direct the experience relative to your intentions, belief systems and what feels right for your highest good.

For most people one session is enough to retrieve and reunify all of their energy.

However, the process is directed in a way that allows you to choose whether it is best to stop at a certain point or continue until you have gathered 100%.

In a manner similar to traditional soul retrieval work we utilise shamanic principles of working with energy, beginning with establishing a sacred space.

After going into a deep altered state of consciousness you are guided to locate the Presence energy within your physical body and develop a familiarity with your unique personal vibration.

Many times the Presence is readily available. In other cases we are required to do some detective work to find the Presence which may involve clearing distracting or interfering entities.

Based on the concept that everything reduces to energy you are assisted with clearing the limiting patterns or unneeded programming of the mind that are ready to be dissolved or released.

This is accomplished through a process using your Presence energy combined with guided imagery to ‘clean house’ and dissolve the energetic patterns, perspectives and beliefs acquired from parents, teachers, society in general, religious organizations or spiritual training. Any stored information, data and memories that are not in alignment with your Presence are also energetically cleared.

Guidance and support are provided as you journey through all time, space and dimensions retrieving parts of your Presence.

  • First you go beyond this earth plane out to the solar system, galaxy and all universes.
  • Next the journey covers all of your past lives, this current lifetime and even future life experiences. Energy is retrieved from all the higher dimensions, Creation Source and anyone who may have some amount of your energy.
  • The session concludes with your reunifying all of the gathered fragments and rebalancing your Whole Presence to be in harmony with your physical body.

Are follow ups recommended?

It is essential to regularly maintain the reunification of your Presence with a regular maintenance routine to keep the field clear and unified as it shifts and expands.

At the end of the session you will get details on how to do this.

What outcomes are typically observed?

Changes are felt immediately, most notably a deep inner peace and connectedness which nothing can disrupt, like being in the eye of the storm.

Over time the integration and developing conscious awareness of your Whole Presence results in experiencing more of your unlimited creative Divine nature. In alignment with Source and all of Life you radiate the pure essence of your being creating more peace, love and light for all.